AHRQ's Safety Program for Ambulatory Surgery

Enrollment for Cohort 6 is now open! Click here to enroll. The cohort will begin on June 20.

This program is designed to improve communication, teamwork and quality in your ambulatory surgery facility.

The 9-month endoscopy collaborative will focus on using knowledge and processes for improving safety and quality fundamentals such as teamwork, communication, physician engagement, infection prevention practices and use of the safe surgery checklist.

It includes focused infection prevention training related to endoscopic cleaning/sterilization, reduction of sedation harms and customization of the surgical safety checklist for endoscopy centers.

The program is led by the Health Research and Educational Trust (“HRET”), an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, along with others partners (which include ASCA and the ASC Quality Collaboration).

The benefits of participating in this program include:

  • Access to new learning tools and videos created specifically for the ambulatory surgery center setting.

  • Using and learning from a patient safety culture survey specifically designed for use in the ambulatory surgery setting.

  • Networking with other ASC professionals via Learning Group participation.

  • Learning new ways to improve the culture of safety in your facility through a newly designed curriculum tailored specifically for the types of procedures performed in your facility.

  • Benefiting from one-on-one mentoring throughout the program by a highly-trained Quality Improvement Advisor.

The goals of this program are:

  • Improved teamwork and communication

  • Improved patient safety culture

Recruitment is ongoing for Cohort 6, which will begin on June 20.

We will be hosting an informational webinar, as well as two replays with members of the National Program Team available to answer any questions. To RSVP, click on one of the below links.

For more detailed information, visit: http://ascsafetyprogram.org

To learn more about this program, read our FAQs and Testimonials.