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8 Ways Great Training Can Help Your ASC

By Kate Slomkowski posted 08-08-2013 16:33

Did you know that employee training is one of the highest-return investments an organization can make? Proper, role-based training is essential for members of your organization, especially when implementing new software. Different vendors offer differ training methods, and it's important to pick a vendor that uses a technique which appeals to each person on staff. The best kind of training uses a blended learning technique. Blended learning is a style that combines instructor-led workshops, self-study, best practices coaching, webinars and video-on-demand. This training style offers the unique opportunity to link learning to strategic objectives for all members of your staff.

Great training should...
  1. Enhance service to patients and physicians
  2. Accelerate claim payment and cash flow
  3. Improve clinical documentation and efficiency
  4. Boost staff productivity
  5. Better manage and reduce supply costs
  6. Provide access to timely and accurate data
  7. Improve customer feedback
  8. Facilitate excellent quality of patient care
Happy training!


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