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Sample Letters for CMS' 2018 Proposed ASC Payment Rule

ASCA has provided draft comment letters that your facility can customize for submitting to CMS. The most persuasive letters will include individual details regarding how the proposed changes will impact your center and specific information such as your center's case volume, outcomes data, etc....

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Place of Service Codes for Professional Claims

List of codes that indicate what type of facility provided Medicare-reimbursable services. #FacilitiesManagement #CPTCodes

Place of Service Codes for Professional Claims1.pdf

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New CMS Coding Changes Will Help Beneficiaries

CMS press release describing how new codes will pave the way for implementation of new technology in providing care to patients. #PressRelease #CPTCodes #ICD10


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HCPCS Decision Tree for External Requests to Add or Revise Codes

Methodology for use in deciding whether to accept a request to add or revise a HCPCS code. #CPTCodes #PressRelease


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How to Use the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Tools

Guide to using National Correct Coding Initiative Tools to prevent coding errors and subsequent payment denials. #PressRelease #CPTCodes