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Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet

CMS, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have developed a comprehensive infection control worksheet to evaluate compliance with infection control requirements. This worksheet serves as a guide for ASCs wishing to fine-tune their infection control practices. ...

Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet June 2015.pdf

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CMS's Flash Sterilization Memorandum

Flash sterilizaton clarification; clarifies what the meaning of the term, and how to distinguish appropriate from inappropriate use of flash sterilization. #LegislationorRegulation #ConditionsforCoverage #InfectionPrevention

CMS Flash Sterilization Memorandum.pdf

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Endoscope Reprocessing: What CMS Surveyors Are Looking For

Section of the worksheet CMS surveyors use to assess practices surrounding the reprocessing of endoscopes in ASCs. #PressRelease #ConditionsforCoverage

Endoscope Reprocessing - What CMS Surveyors Are Looking For.pdf

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FASA Applauds CMS Additions of Procedures to the ASC List

ASCA Press Release ARCHIVE (March 27, 2003). *This is an archived press release. Some information may no longer be valid. #PressRelease #ConditionsforCoverage

FASA Applauds CMS Additions of Procedures Press Release Mar 2003.pdf