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Sample Letters for CMS' 2018 Proposed ASC Payment Rule

ASCA has provided draft comment letters that your facility can customize for submitting to CMS. The most persuasive letters will include individual details regarding how the proposed changes will impact your center and specific information such as your center's case volume, outcomes data, etc....

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QualityNet Portal Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide to register for the Secure QualityNet Portal with an existing QualityNet account. #QualityReporting

QualityNet Portal Quick Start Guide_Existing QualityNet Account_FINAL.pdf

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QualityNet ASC Known Issues

QualityNet has distributed a log of the problems they have received, and the steps they have taken to resolve these issues. #QualityReporting

QualityNet ASC Known Issues.pdf

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Example Experian Questions

A list of typical types of identity proofing questions from Experian for quality reporting through QualityNet. #QualityReporting

Typical Types of Identity Proofing Questions.pdf

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QualityNet Portal FAQs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is now requiring QualityNet users for the ASC Quality Reporting Program to complete an additional user enrollment process to ensure access to the Secure QualityNet Portal. When logging in to the portal for the first time, you will be guided...

QualityNet Portal Frequently Asked Questions_Updated.pdf

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Quality Reporting Cram Session: Web-Based Measures, Initial Data Review, and the Reconsideration Process

This webinar was presented by Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. (FMQAI) Project Coordinator Reneé Parks RN, BSN. After this presentation, attendees will be able to: •Identify the web-based measures •Understand the submission process, including how to locate and report the measures ...

FMQAI Webinar 06052013.pdf

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QualityNet User Guide Section 5

This section provides the following instructions: • How to prepare for first-time login • First-time login process: proofing one’s identity and enrolling a credential • Logging into Secure QualityNet Portal • Navigating Secure QualityNet Portal • Managing users of Secure QualityNet...

Quality Net User Guide Section 5.pdf

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Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet

CMS, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have developed a comprehensive infection control worksheet to evaluate compliance with infection control requirements. This worksheet serves as a guide for ASCs wishing to fine-tune their infection control practices. ...

Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet June 2015.pdf

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Ophthalmic Surgical Checklist

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and OMIC asked key ophthalmic societies to join them in developing a task force to devise an ophthalmic-specific surgical checklist. #PatientCare #FormorTemplate #PatientSafety #Ophthalmology #QualityReporting

Ophthalmic Surgical Checklist.pdf

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Quality Measure Reporting Webinar Recoding (09/11/2012)

This webinar will provide you with information about implementing an ASC quality reporting program. You will learn about the 2012 quality measures, and how to report them in order to avoid reduced payments from Medicare in the future. Information will also be provided in regards to future...

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