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Understanding The Difference Between A Narrative Essay And A Reflective Essay


There are several types of academic writing, and each piece has a unique role to play. However, it also happens that sometimes the students mingle the concept of one paper with another one due to insufficient knowledge and lack of understanding of each essay. Therefore, students need to pay full attention to develop an absolute knowledge of each writing paper. Especially, the students at the initial stage of academic writing get confused when they have to create a deep-dyed essay on narrative essay and or reflective paper.

Students need to learn essay writing skills as it is the last resort for students to pursue their academic degree program. It is also mandatory for students to learn the predefined academic writing skills and apply those rules accordingly. For this purpose, the students must keenly observe how a prominent essay writing service uses the rules and regulations in the content to make the essay presentable.


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Students must understand that no rocket science is involved in highlighting the differences between a narrative paper and a reflective essay. Although there is a thin line that distinguishes one narrative essay from a reflective writing piece, yet understanding those differences is as easy as falling off a log once the students establish a complete understanding of each paper. 

Let's highlight the concept of both specific essays one by one.


  • What is a narrative essay?

It is a genre of academic writing that demands an essay writer to recall past experiences and present only the significant incidents, situations, or series of events before the targeted audience. Usually, the newbie students consider narrative essay writing merely telling a story; however, it is not entirely the case as it is way more than that. 

In a narrative paper, the author has to plot a scene by highlighting all those characters that play a vital role in making the event meaningful. Moreover, it is also essential for the author to mention the series of events in a regular time-frame and in chronological order. Usually, the students contemplate doing a tedious job while in contrast, it assists the students in arranging and managing the scattered thoughts and presenting them in the content in an organized way.

Furthermore, it is imperative to bring in the students' notice that they have to urge the readers to give suggestions, recommendations, or opinions regarding the topic. In short, the narrative essay demands an essay writer to summarize the essay in such a way as it should urge the readers to evoke an open discussion related to the topic. 

It is also necessary for readers to involve sensory details in the text as the readers should feel like part of the incident, situation, or event. For this purpose, the students must have extraordinary writing skills and should know the art of merging emotional feelings in the text to evoke an emotional feeling in the reader.

It is a good practice for students if they notice what tips and tricks the college essay writing services for write my essay use to amalgamate emotional thoughts in the text while creating a deep-dyed writing narrative essay. Doing so will help the students in putting the writing efforts in the right direction as required by the topic.


  • What is the reflective essay?

It is another type of essay writing in which the scribbler has to recall the old memories and present a unique and unforgettable incident before the reader. The primary watchword of a reflective writing piece is to tell the readers how the author responded or handled a specific situation or condition. 

Usually, the students are asked to compose this particular genre of academic writing by the teachers when they have to observe the behavioral changes or mood swings of the students by analyzing how they responded to a real-life event that occurred in their past.

As its name indicates, the students are supposed to reflect their behavior or mental abilities so that the teachers can rate the mental abilities of the students and work hard to strengthen the abilities of mental thinking. 


  • Highlighting the differences between narrative essay and reflective essay

There are differences between both essays that are as follows.

  1. In a narrative essay, an essay writer is supposed to explain the whole situation in chronological order. However, there is no such restriction for the students while composing a lengthy reflective paper. 
  2. The narrative essay urges the readers to give suggestions, recommendations, and opinions according to the explained situation. In short, the narrative essay invites an open discussion in the concluding remarks. On the other hand, the descriptive essay demands the readers to deeply analyze how the author responded to a specific situation and rate the mental abilities of the scribbler.
  3. In a narrative essay, a writer has to plot a scene and give equal importance to all the characters involved in the situation to elaborate the whole situation while in the reflective paper, the entire text revolves around the author only. 
  4. In a narrative essay, the main focus of the author remains on sensationalizing the event to grab the readers' attention. In contrast, the author categorically tells the readers how its living style and way of thinking changed after the occurrence of a specific incident. 

Students must understand that they must pay full attention to developing an absolute understanding of each essay. The students must note why a legit essay writing service never makes even a single mistake while write my paper. For this purpose, the students must critically analyze the writing pieces of a leading essay writing blog to learn academic writing skills.


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